The Most Pornographic Statues You Must See Around the World!

Since the beginning of time, people around the world have been fascinated with nakedness and have constructed works of art to showcase their fascination for all to see.  OTP brings you the raunchiest, the sexiest and the most naked of them all to add to your must see list.  Better get you some handy wipes, these are the most pornographic statues you must see around the world...

Konark Sun Temple


In the land of Kama Sutra, finding public works of erotica isn't difficult.  We're not talking accidental nipple flashes but full-on depictions of pornographic acts sculpted into every wall of several temples all around the country. With over 60 sexual positions depicted on the walls, take your journal and a pen to the Konark Sun Temple and take some sexy notes.  If your senses are still asking for more visual stimulation, hit up the Khajuraho Temple for full-on orgy sculptures to liven your spirits.


Oslo, Norway

Clearly (in the picture above), the guy up front is looking for change for the parking meter and the guy behind him is aiding in the search, right? An exploration into human life cycles and practices, these statues can be found in the huge sculpture park in the middle of Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway.  Handcrafted by Gustav Vigeland, the park also features a children's playground, a fountain representing life, death and time and an 850 meter Wheel of Life.  Vigeland's creation, as sexually graphic as it may appear, is an artistic presentation of humans and their journey from birth to death.  The nakedness of it all really helps the point stick.

Manneken Pis

Brussels, Belgium

Peeing in a fountain is obscene, unsanitary and wildly popular around the world.  The most famous peeing statue in the category has been peeing in a fountain in Brussles for hundreds of years.  His name:  Manneken Pis.  His story: said to have put out the explosives planted to destroy the city with his urine in the 14th century, this statue is revered as a landmark and is traditionally dressed in various costumes throughout the year in praise.  If the peeing boy doesn't do it for you, Brussels has added a peeing girl, dog and vomiting goat.  According to our calculations, something must be going on with Belguim's plumbing as everyone seems to be taking it to the streets.

Pan With Goat

Pompeii, Italy

This statue touches very deeply on the taboo topic of bestiality.  A clear depiction of a guy copulating with a goat, this statue seems like a literal interpretation of the cliche "go f*ck a goat"..well he went. The history behind this act (and the reason for the creation of the statue) is based on a mythological belief of the goat's association with the god of procreation.  Why have sex with it instead of worship it?  We have no idea but it makes for an interesting statue.


Jeju, Korea

Think of Disneyland except instead of Mickey, there's porn, so much porn.  Opened in 2004 on the island of Jeju in South Korea, Loveland features climbable breast mountains with nipples on top, 33 foot stone penis, people sculptures giving each other oral sex, a glory hole, dildos with interactive buttons. With its many interesting features, we think 18 hole miniature golf should be next on the roster of attractions.


Athens, Greece

Known as the wonderful people who brought us togas, the Greeks have always been known for their proclivity for public nudity. Nude Greek god statues proudly stand on nearly every Greek isle.  In 1972, one such statue (of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea) was gifted by the Greek government to the City of Sacramento in California.  You'd think us nude-loving Americans would be grateful right? Not the case.  Parents attending a home schooling convention in 2000 near where the statue was erected (pun very much intended) were so outraged at Poseidon's nakedness that they petitioned to have him clothed in ridiculous things for the duration of the event.

Penis Shaped Rocks

(Various Locations listed below)

Mother Nature is one horny housewife (why else would she create penis-shaped rocks all around the world?).  We like to think of these wonders as nature's way of sticking it to conservatives.  Moms can't be mad at rocks (ladies, it would take a very large toga to cover these things up). It's like telling your dog to be more reasonable next time when he pisses on your shoe.  It's nature, shit happens that's not always white picket fencey, get over it.

Some hand selected beauties of the bunch:
  • Thailand is home of the Grandfather Rock and complimentary Grandmother Rock for the fellas.
  • Turkey brings us these cute little guys (pictured above) in the Love Valley (Goreme, Turkey).
  • Veitnam, well they went all out with their cave-hidden spectacle.  Illuminated in a bright pink hue, this natural wonder is said to have magical fertility powers.  Shine on shining man organ.

Futura Gallery

Prague, Chzec Republic

At the Futura Gallery in Prague, you can crawl into an asshole using the conveniently built-in step ladder.  When you reach the asshole, take a look inside.  You will see Czech politicians feeding each other to the song, "We Are The Champions". Obviously a very bold statement, controversial artist, David Cerny, built this masterpiece as a satire of the Czech government.  He made it large and gaping so that even people with large heads could peek in.  All understandable and necessary.

Yes the above statues are crude and sexually explicit but sexuality is an undeniable attribute of our human existence and parents, the children of the world have walked by these works of art daily for hundreds of years and have not grown up to be sexual predators, deviants or whatever it is parents are afraid a little nudity will do to their kids. We have risked getting computer viruses researching these erotic statues (wow there is a lot of porn on the internet) but nonetheless, have brought you the above list.  Now do us a favor and go check them out in person.