The 5 Hottest Travel Show Hosts of 2010

Travel shows are basically porn, for the travel-minded; with hot people exposing incredible destinations, it's hard to keep it in your pants for long. In 2009, we introduced you to some hot ass travel hosts; in step with global warming, OTP is turning up the heat. Grab your remote and a small towel, this is OTP's list of Top 5 Hottest Travel Hosts of 2010.

Camille Ford

There’s always something irresistibly sexy about a woman with a man appetite. On that note, meet Camille Ford, host of the Travel Channel’s “Food Wars.” This show pits famous foods across America against one another in battle, with Camille happily caught in the crossfire. Camille gets gooey with cheesesteaks in Philly, packs in pastrami in New York and throws back the most tantalizing Texan barbecue. When she’s not stuffing her face, Camille attempts adventure sports such as skydiving, acting and pole dancing. In 2008 she founded Sassy Pole Girls: an exercise studio for women. Camille’s body and appetite don’t add up, but any woman that can haul her ass up a pole with a stomach full of barbecue is fine by us.

Ruth England

Her name may be elegant and proper, but Ruth is a dirty dirty girl. A traveling journalist for nearly a decade, she’s now famous for putting the “woman” in Discovery Channel’s new hit “Man, Woman, Wild.” Hosted by Ruth and her husband (yes, dammit), the show places them in extreme survival scenarios. Get hot and bothered watching this sexy survivalist eat snakes, sleep on ants and indulge in a urine cocktail. Ruth can start all kinds of fires; hot!

Shari Belafonte

Catch the former Slimfast girl on CreateTV show Travels in Mexico and the Caribbean With Shari Belafonte and you’ll see exactly why she's the hidden gem of travel hosts. Watch Shari explore ancient Mayan ruins, beautiful island beaches and strobe-lit city clubs. Shari starts fancy (at resorts) and works her way downtown through crowded bus stations and grimy city streets. Lucky for us, Shari doesn't shy away from wearing as little as possible. Perhaps she got up the courage to take it all off back in the day in her 2000 Playboy cover spread.

Cristina LaMonica

One of many presenters on PilotTV’s Treks in a Wild World, her sweet and sensual charm set her apart from the pack. A free spirit from birth, Cristina likes to discover herself by making sure she gets good and lost first. She’s road-tripped cross-country in pursuit of exploring everything America has to offer while, undoubtedly,leaving a trail of boners behind. Cristina attributes her spirituality to on-set experiences in Hawaii, where she kayaked Kauai’s coast and hiked across the entire island of Molokai. Aside from her adventurous spirit, Cristina’s best feature is her ass-kicking capabilities. With a second-degree black belt in Jujitsu (watch out!), this girl will kick your ass and you'll love it.

Samantha Brown

On our list from the second year in a row, Samantha Brown is something special. While we love her shows, Samantha Brown’s Great Weekends and Passport to Europe With Samantha Brown, it’s hard to pinpoint the reasoning behind her magnetic attraction.  Maybe it's the millions of stamps on her passport or the goofy way she butchers foreign words; perhaps, watching her get tipsy “taste-testing” local brew gets us going. Whatever it is, our viagra caliber hard-on for Samantha Brown puts her at the top of our list.

Premature Mention: Lisa Ray, we've got our eye on you for 2011.  You better host the shit out of  that upcoming Indian travel show on TLC!

As backpackers, we know it's tough to look hot while traveling. These girls deserve some recognition for staying sexy en route. In fact, should any of you ladies need a long, hard, compassionate hug to ease your difficult journeys, don't hesitate to ask; OTP will be there in a heartbeat.