The 10 Sexiest Spaniards of All Time


Photo by: Jeremiah Thompson

When it comes to Spaniards, their lethal sexiness has to be attributed to all that mid-day siesta beauty sleep. While munching on smoked pigs and fatty cheese, slurring every word and showing up late to any given occasion usually kills the attraction factor, Spaniards set the bar so high there is no amount of jamon, manchego or Ethpana that could put a dent in their sex appeal. Close the shades and get comfy, here’s OTP’s List of the 10 Sexiest Spaniards.

Photo by: KamikazeMoralBlog

What kind of Spanish name is Pataky you ask? Shut your mouth; she's too hot to be bothered with technicalities. Best-known in the U.S. for her role in the ridiculous Snakes on a Plane, this actress has a very successful European career, appearing in French, British and Spanish films. She speaks five languages so we're hoping she understands the gibberish we'd throw her way if she ever crossed our path.

Setting the sexy Spanish bar way back in the day, Sara Montiel, now closer to granny’s age, achieved superstar status in the late fifties as the world’s most successful Spanish actress of the mid-20th century, becoming the first española to openly exude sex by popping out some cleavage when it was taboo. Defying Franco’s mandates on morality by marrying and divorcing four times, Sara lived in sexy sin. Modern director Pedro Almodóvar paid her homage in Bad Education, casting ladykiller, Gael García Bernal, as a drag queen channeling her free spirit.


In a country dominated by machismo, it’s not easy for a chick to start at the bottom and finish on top (where no good girls finish). From working-class to royal, Princess Letizia caught the eye of throne-heir Prince Felipe and made up in style for what she lacked in royal blood. Prior to sporting a tiara, Letizia kicked ass in journalism, reporting for Spanish CNN and TVE before anchoring Spain’s most-watched news program, Telediario 2. When Felipe takes the throne, she’ll become the first common-born Spanish queen. Add a few whips and chains, and you got yourself some serious social domination.

Viewers of The Tudors (and Jonathan Rhys Meyer’s ripped abs) might remember that British King Henry VIII had six wives. Henry 's dumb ass dumped his first wife Catherine of Aragon, one of the most well-loved and respected women in her day. Youngest daughter of famed Spanish Catholic monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, she used her status for good as the first female ambassador in European history. Catherine headed programs for relief of the poor and campaigned for women’s education during a period when women were expected to sit back and pop out babies. When her douchebag husband petitioned for divorce, resulting in national outrage, she accepted her fate with poise. Independence, class and total badassery makes Catherine the sexiest queen in our book.

Penelope made her acting debut at 16 and she’s only become more woody-worthy with age. Despite being a Hollywood sensation, this sultry siren remains loyal to her Spanish film roots, starring in her favorite director’s movies. She models, does charity work and will claw your eyes out if you mess with her man (Javier Bardem ). Playing a nutty (mostly naked) lesbo in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, this lady knows how to hold down her end of a on-screen threesome like a champ.

One of Hollywood’s earliest Spanish imports, Antonio Banderas is actor, director, producer and original prototype for the suave, Spanish lover. Starting his film career in Spain at 19 in Pedro Almodóvar’s films, Antonio seduced his way onto American screens in the early 1990s in Philadelphia and Interview with a Vampire, saturating panties worldwide. Despite his suspect taste in women (Melanie, even on mute, makes your eyes water), he does charity work and co-owns a winery in northern Spain.

In the category of sexy tennis players, nobody handles a racket like Fernando Verdasco, who sizzles both on- and off-court. He may have lost the epic semifinal in the 2009 Australian Open but, after 5 hours of grunting and sweating, he managed to score a contract with Calvin Klein underwear and a nude Cosmo photoshoot. A common fixture in the tennis top 10, he’s often glamming it up with past ladypals including tennis' own Ana Ivanovic, starlet Camille Belle and model Jarah Mariano – and Kim Kardashian (but who hasn't?). Best viewed on the doubles court, ‘Nando teams up with another sexy Spaniard, Feliciano López, fueling threesome dreams of ladies worldwide.

While changing his shirt is the only skill he really needs, Rafael Nadal is also the top-ranked tennis player in the known universe right now.

Jaime Alguersuari smells of motor oil and likes it fast. The only nineties-born Formula One driver and youngest title winner in history, he debuted on the racing scene at 15 before winning the British Formula Three Championship only three years later. When his feet aren't pumping the pedals, Jaime busies his hands as a successful DJ, playing the clubs of Mediterranean party capital, Ibiza. His baby blues will throw both your gears and ears out of wack.

There’s nothing like paint-stained clothing to bring on the dirty sex appeal, and Malaga-born Pablo Picasso was king. Founder of Cubism, this painter/sculptor/actor was a big ol' ladies man. Four children, three women, two marriages, his roster of lovers includes numerous French artists, a Russian ballerina and even a student forty years his junior, Françoise Gilot. Contrary to popular opinion, masterpiece Les Demoiselles d’Avignon is not named for gentlewomen in the French countryside, but prostitutes in Barcelona’s red light district.

Champions of Europe and the World, the top spot goes to the Selección Española, the Spanish national soccer team. While everyone was keeping track of the scores this summer, OTP was counting the hard bodies that swarmed television screens, thrilling pulses from Durban to Dubai. From former player Raúl González to young star Fernando Torres, even if you could give a shit less about the official rules, watching these guys adds plenty of entertainment value to the game. Throw your panties in the direction of Iker Casillas, the hunky goalkeeper who muscled the Furia Roja (Red Fury) to major titles including Euro Cup 2008 and World Cup 2010. Catch him captaining legendary local team Real Madrid or shoving his tongue into his hot girlfriend's mouth. .

Spain pumps out fantastic cheese, olives, wine and sexiness. We’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg – head to Spain to check out other local delights.