Product Review: Deuter Quantum 70+10 Backpack

Deuter Quantum 70+10

Price: $239

  • Fully adjustable straps (vari-quick system)

  • Flat steel frame

  • Breathable foam back

  • Sternum strap

  • Raincover

  • Side pockets

  • Adjustable lid

  • Front opening

  • Bottom compartment

  • Wet pocket

  • Valuables pocket

  • Padded hip belt

This thing has some nice features going for it. A sleek look and quality materials, along with an absolutely massive storage capacity (with extra room in the daypack), be prepared to lose stuff in it fast if you’re not organized. A downfall of the Quantum is the padding and suspension. While it’s comfortable enough when packed to capacity, and the veri-quick system does make it fully-adjustable, it’s still stiff, bulky and never really settles on your body. If you just can't pare it down to the basics, the Quantum 70+10 will make the contents of your entire life portable, in exchange for $239.00 and an achy back.