Gear of the Week: Issue 004

GoPro Camera

$400k Pocket Watch by Urwerk
Price: starting at $199

The GoPro Hero 3 is a high-quality camera that you can beat up like a sack of potatoes, making it ideal for your various attempts at being bad ass. It's small, light, wi-fi remote and app compatible, fully functional 197 ft underwater, and reduces wind noise for crisper sound quality. That means you can take wide-angle video and cinema-quality pictures of you wiping out on boards, tumbling off mountain sides, trying to figure out how the oxygen tank works, and attempting to get laid in harsh environments.

Farts Around the World

$400k Pocket Watch by Urwerk
Price: $2

Farts Around the World delivers exactly what it promises and arguably more. Going beyond the entertainment value of just reading about farts, this book throws in10 sound bits to really educate you about how the world passes gas. Every page is illustrated and features international fart facts. Think of the fun you can have on a 12-hour bus ride where everyone is tired, asleep, and totally unamused by your kindergarten antics.

Tree Tent

$400k Pocket Watch by Urwerk
Price: $699

While you may not be able to afford to hang a proper house from a tree and call it home, the Cabana Suspended Tent by Black Diamond is a (more) affordable option to creating some unique sleeping arrangements. Sexier than your average tent, this hammock-like habitat, comprised of a six-point, durable suspension system, can be hung up on any branch you deem hefty enough to support your weight (and perhaps that of an overnight guest). Trade out curfews and squeaky bunks for forest views and mid-air money shots.

I'm here App

$400k Pocket Watch by Urwerk
Price: $168.99

Need help finding yourself in the non-existential sort of way? The tiny GPS device can be put on anything and tracked using the I'm Here App on your phone. The GPS transmits a signal which the App picks up and displays on Google Maps. This gadget is incredibly useful when it comes to traveling. Just a few suggestions:

  • Throw it in your backpack on flights with shifty-looking luggage transporters.
  • Hostel mates eating your Cheerios? Track that box of cereal using the highest form of technology available for such things
  • Stick the tiny GPS in your pocket before you go out and in the morning, your loved ones can pinpoint the location of that pissed-in alley you chose as your pass out palace.

This system also gives you the ability to backtrack your route, should your memory be out of service.

Hover Wing

Price: basic kit, without engine, starts at $5,900 (and goes up to $33K)

Can't get the puke smell out of the cockpit of your private jet? The yacht leaning dangerously to the left? We've got something shiny and new (and wheel-free) for you to fuck with. Kind of like a boat, sort of like a plane, a lot like a never-gonna-happen wishlist item, the Hover Wing can fly about 20 feet in the air and the detachable wings make it possible to cruise smoothly three feet above water. The best (or perhaps most dangerous and stupid) part is that you build this (sure-to-kill-you) vehicle with your own two hands from the available kits. It's fun to add decals to model airplanes; it's deadly to get inside of something you put together with super glue and gun it at 75 mph. Should you find this crafty vehicle a bit out of your price range, it's coming up on 2015 and we welcome you to wait with us for the hover board we were promised back in 1989 instead.