6 Ridiculously Themed Bars Around the World

Sometimes the best road to drunkdom is littered with electric shocks, hardcore gaming geeks, and prehistoric skeletons.

Photo by: Jack Newton

Going to a bar should be more than pouring shots down your throat and leaving with an empty wallet. Let the booze transport you to a world of aliens, ice sculptures, and mystery bathrooms. OTP went on a hunt to find the freaky,geeky and the most goddamn ridiculous themed bars around the world.

Das Klo Bar

Berlin, Germany

Photo by: Katy Stoddard

“Das Klo” means “The Toilet” and ze Germans have certainly created a thoroughly unenjoyable drinking experience with this insane venue. It's part theme park, part Indiana Jones movie, part torture chamber. As soon as you walk in, you'll finally experience what being “flushed down the toilet” feels like; water is sprayed all over you and wind blows up from the floor. The seats are shaped like toilet bowls and the tables spin and give you electric shocks, making it impossible to put your drinks down. Every 10 minutes, an avalanche of paper mÂchÉ rocks fall from the ceiling for an extra jolt! If the water, wind, falling rocks and booze aren't enough to make you feel sick - the bar stools rotate and a swinging hammer falls down unexpectedly. There's also a booby-trapped kilted statue in the ladies toilets that will set off a siren if you touch it. Oh and the beer is served in urine specimen bottles.

OTP Fun Fact: Apparently the idea for this bar came to the owner whilst he was sitting on the toilet. Now everything makes sense.

H.R. Giger Bar

GruyÈre, Switzerland

Photo by: Marc Cluet

The Swiss artist H.R. Giger is known for creating sets for horror and sci-fi movies such as Poltergeist and Alien. Stepping into a bar that this crazy guy crafted is guaranteed to terrify you. This bizarre alien skeleton bar is housed in an ancient castle and is deliberately dark with an ambience of dread. Nothing is normal here. Drinking here feels like being stuck inside the fossilised body of a prehistoric monster. The ceiling replicates the inside of a ribcage with crisscrossed arches or vertebrae. Everything from the rigid chairs, tables, walls, and even the vases, is shaped like bones. Good luck trying to find the bathroom...that's another part of the mystery. Come here to experience a peculiar alien world - inevitable nightmares come free of charge!

The Ichub Club

Bangkok, Thailand

Photo by: FBellon

A lot of people live their life by the motto “the bigger the better,” and this place rewards you for being a fattie. If you've piled on the pounds recently, you will love The Ichub Club in Bangkok. It's nicknamed “fat themed karaoke,” if you and three of your friends weigh more than 360 kg (794 pounds), you'll win a free bottle of get-you-even-fatter whiskey! The bar is decorated with chubby comic book characters and overweight nude photos. The chairs are made from reinforced metal so that they can withstand the weight of the heaviest of visitors. If whiskey is on your mind, start munching those burgers and get your fat ass to Bangkok!

Insert Coin(s) Video Games Arcade Bar

Las Vegas, USA

Photo by: Tech Cocktail

Gaming geeks and arcade-loving nerds rejoice! This “interactive nightlife” video game bar has a dance floor, a DJ, and over 50 of the best classic arcade games that you can play for free. It also has some pretty bizarre drinks including cake and olive flavoured shots! If you want to splash the cash, you can even book your own VIP booth with an Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, Nintendo and Super Nintendo - as well as your own gaming attendant and personal cocktail server! With over 2000 games to choose from - this venue will destroy your social, as well as, your sex life. If a video game controller is the only thing you like to get your hands around late at night though, this place is your introverted paradise!

Madame Claude

Berlin, Germany

Photo by: Nacho Pintos

Madame Claude is a place that will completely blow your mind. Located in a former brothel, this bar is built to look like an upside-down apartment. We can guarantee the more drunk you get, the more confused you'll be! Look up and you'll see tables, chairs, televisions, vases, cabinets and statues hanging from the ceiling. Explore this crazy bar from top to bottom, catch some live music in the basement and prepare to feel like you’ve popped some crazy hallucinogens!

The Ice Bar

JukkasjÄrvi, Sweden

Photo by: FranÇois RejetÉ

There are lots of ice bars popping up around the world but nothing beats the original Absolut Ice Bar. It sits inside the Ice Hotel and absolutely everything is sculpted from blocks of ice, including the bar, the stools, the tables, the walls and even the glasses! The theme changes every year when the bar is rebuilt with chisels and chainsaws! It’s a popular hangout for celebs including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Van Halen and the Swedish Royal family. You're even given a thick blue cape to keep you warm whilst sipping cocktails made from ice-cold Absolut vodka. Chilly perfection!

The world's most quirky, weird and just plain terrifying bars take the already disorienting effects of alcohol to new, mind-fucking levels. A plain ol’ brewsky on tap may never feel the same again.